Max-A-Just Table Guard

Max-A-Just Table Guard
Max-A-Just Table Guard Max-A-Just Table Guard
  • Machine Type - Manually operated milling machines
  • Method of attachment - Adjustable rail secured to machine table with T. Nuts (1 per side)
  • Positive Manual latch
  • Construction - Mild steel adjustable polycarbonate visors
  • Operation - Vizors adjusted around machine cutters, hinges open to give access to tooling
  MAX-A-JUST Model M1 MAX-A-JUST Model M2
Minimum Vertical Height 200mm 250mm
Maximum Vertical Height 350mm 450mm
Minimum overall Length enclosing 375mm 475mm
Maximum overall Length enclosing 525mm 800mm
Minimum overall Length extended 700mm 925mm
Maximum overall Length extended 875mm 1250mm


(Both sides extended in line)

Smallest T-Nut available 12mm

Largest T-Nut available 18mm

Part No. Model
20001 M1
20002 M2


Spare Visors (Set of 6)


Part No. Model
20003 M1
20004 M2


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