Folded Way Covers

Folded Way Covers

Folded Way Covers, versatile and lightweight concertina covers.

Folded Way Covers offer the following advantages:
·  Versatility.
·  Durability.
·  Lightweight
·  Protection from dust, abrasive particles and contaminants for precision machinery.

Our Covers are easy to fit and remove and can be tailored to your exact requirements, including stroke length, horizontal or vertical operation, working environment, ambient temperature and protection level.

Where the duty requirement does not call for a metal telescopic slide way cover, concertina covers can offer the perfect solution.

Styles of cover

Folding fabric covers with plastic stiffeners. These are light, durable and allow high extension and compression ratios - a cost-effective option and suitable for most standard applications.

Folding fabric concertina covers for specialist applications, including leak-proof versions and materials that can resist weld spatter.

Typical applications for our folded concertina covers include:
·  Woodworking machinery.
·  Lathes.
·  Laser.
·  Water jet.
·  Plasma cutting machines.
·  Routers.
·  Metrology equipment.
·  Linear drives.
·  Test rigs.