Special Products

We produce a full range of specialist products related to guarding in general, from loading ramp bellows for the “Pepsi Max” on Blackpool’s pleasure beach, to a full 100 unit tram articulation bellows replacement for “Supertram Sheffield”

With our in house design and manufacturing team and years of experience, we have the knowledge and ability to solve any unique guarding problem you may have.

Due to our central location we are never too far away to come and assess your needs and discuss with your team all suitable solutions.

During our 35 years of business we have liaised with many companies to offer unusual and unique guarding solutions specifically to their needs, for example:

  • Grain silo track articulated cover
  • Fairground ride covers
  • Water tank covers
  • Generator covers
  • Robot welder covers (BMW MINI plant Swindon)
  • Robot glue machine covers (BMW)

At Machguard we take pride in our many bespoke guarding solutions and our ability to rise to the challenge and solve the problems our competitors would struggle to accomplish.

Give us a challenge; see the results.